In service of the mission of BEyond Yonder Death Midwifery I feel that it is important to have an active voice in the burgeoning conversation about deathcare that is taking place in the social media.

    Please consider joining the facebook group I administrate called Death Midwifery in Canada where I repost up to 20 articles each day that pertain to various aspects of alternative or holistic approaches to dying, deathcare and grief to maintain an active newsfeed. Feel free to comment and post there too because it is one way to continue to develop a vibrant community!

    You may also wish to visit BEyond Yonder Death Midwifery on facebook.

    I have been asked to speak and write about death midwifery and home funerals in several different venues. You can find links to lots of my work in the field by clicking on the menu to the left.