Articles by Cassandra:

    May 2014 -  This article That Precious Time: Present with the Dead Body was based on my journal entry from the experience of providing a home funeral for Jeremy Frith and was published in The Order of the Good Death :

    October 2012 -  The Purpose and Value of Home Funerals was published in eHospice:

    October 2012 -  This article from eHospice has helped shape the national movement called death midwifery:

    September 2013 -  What makes a "Home Funeral?" written for eFuneral to explore the assumptions we make about home funerals and what defines them:

    January 2014 -  An article called Death Midwifery vs. Death Denial written for Death Cafe that looks at the potential value of denial:

    June 2009 -  This is a paper entitled The Big[ger] Death which was originally written for a thanatology class and was later published on a friend's website. The article explores the grief we share about environmental loss:

     2012 -  Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association poster presentation: